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Discovering Psychology:
           The Science of Mind

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Biological Psychology
Introductory Psychology
History and Systems
Behavior Disorders
Sensation & Perception

Information Competency

Problem Based Learning

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     Minds to Ponder:

     “Everything that irritates us
     about others can lead us to
     an understanding of

     - Nietzsche


     "Be not afraid of life.
     Believe that life is worth
     living, and your belief
     will help create the fact."

     William James


     “Part of living a healthy
     life is paying attention
     to friends and family.”

     John Cacioppo


     "Our goals are the subgoals
     of the ultimate goal of the
     genes, replicating

     Steven Pinker


Ancient Egyptian

   TECHNOLOGY is fun!
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The 2007 Weblog Awards

Welcome Colleagues, students,
friends and fellow internet explorers!


Prezi presentation: Effectively using social media in Psychology Classes


My presentation discusses how social media can
 be used in the classroom and how it can enhance
 understanding and learning. Here is a 

link to my presentation.
(at National Institute for the Teaching of Psychology)


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(10 Minutes)


"a NEW way to Teach Psychology!"

John Cacioppo and I are proud to introduce our new textbook: 

Discovering Psychology: The Science of Mind.

(available: March 2012)

      This is not your typical ‘modular’ textbook that treats each topic
      as a separate, stand-alone unit. In the spirit of the great 
      American psychologist William James, our textbook integrates the
      formerly disparate fields of psychology into an interrelated,
      breathing and living discipline. Just as we struggle to understand
      the nature of our being, we also study the ways we are nurtured
      and how this interaction of nature and nurture changes over
      time. We discuss how psychology is also one of the “hub
      sciences”–a major contributor to human knowledge and to our
      understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

      Here is how our publisher describes a recorded webinar with John
      Cacioppo in which he discusses this new approach:

      “We’d like to invite you to view author John Cacioppo’s recorded
       webinar on:

The Discipline of Psychology: How it’s changing,
              and implications for how psychology is now taught.


A few fun things I do once in a while

Presenting recently at CSUSB

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APA Convention 2010  Pictures



APS Convention 2010 -- Boston

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Even though I use an optical mouse, I was never happy using it
on various surfaces, so I designed my own quality mouse pad
and made a few for my friends!


I am experiencing a  virtual world!


My turn to have my brain imaged!


Here's my new instructor's manual for our
2nd edition of
 Discovering Biological Psychology!


3rd International Conference
in Psychology
Athens, Greece

Here I am Chairing a Session


The APS 2009 Convention
San Francisco

You meet the most interesting people at APS!


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