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Sample Art from Discovering Biological Psychology

Many of you have expressed an interest in the art program of my text.
Specifically, you want to know how it will work in PowerPoint®.

In response, Bess Deck of Houghton Mifflin has selected a sampling of our art,
which you can see in the linked PowerPoint® below.

For best results, save the presentation to your own computer, and view it as a show.

All art in the text will be available in electronic form to adopters of Discovering Biological Psychology.

Many thanks to Charlotte Miller, Bess Deck, JB Woolsey Arts, Inc., and Patrice Rossi Calkin, Rossi Illustration and Design for their wonderful work on this art. JB Woolsey Arts, Inc. is adapting illustrations for our animation set.

Enjoy the show!

Click here to view the PowerPoint®. Right-click to download the presentation to your home computer.




Plato -- If women are expected to do
 the same work as men,
we must teach them
the same things


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