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Welcome to Discovering Biological Psychology!

Table Of Contents
  •             1. Introducing Biological Psychology
  • Biological Psychology as an Interdisciplinary Field
    Highlights in the Biological Psychology Timeline
    Research Ethics
    Human Participants Guidelines
    The Ethics of Research on the Internet
    Animal Subjects Guidelines
    New Directions: New Ethical Challenges Regarding Cloning and Stem Cell Research
  • 2. The Anatomy of the Nervous System
  • Anatomical Directions and Planes of Section
    Protecting and Supplying the Nervous System
    The Central Nervous System
    The Spinal Cord
    The Hindbrain
    The Midbrain
    The Forebrain
    The Peripheral Nervous System
    New Directions: The Autonomic Nervous System and Stress
  • 3. Cells of the Nervous System
  • Neurons and Glia
    The Generation of the Action Potential
    The Propagation of the Action Potential
    The Synapse
    New Directions: Tetanus and the Lack of Inhibition
  • 4. Psychopharmacology
  • Neurotransmitters, Neuromodulators, and Neurohormones
    Drug Actions at the Synapse
    Basic Principles of Drug Effects
    Effects of Psychoactive Drugs
    New Directions: The Future of Drug Therapy and the Human Genome
  • 5. The Genetics, Evolution, and Development of the Human Brain
  • Genetics and Behavior
    New Directions: Can We Stop the Aging Process?
  • 6. Vision
  • Characteristics of Light
    The Structure and Functions of the Visual System
    Visual Perception
    The Development of the Visual System
    Disorders of the Visual System
    New Directions: The Effect of Vision on Flavor
  • 7. Nonvisual Sensation and Perception
  • Audition
    The Body Senses
    The Chemical Senses
    New Directions: Yellow Smoky Voices and Sounds Like Briny Pickles
  • 8. Movement
  • Muscles
    Neural Control of Muscles
    Reflex Control of Movement
    Motor Systems of the Brain
    Disorders of Movement
    New Directions: How Much Stronger and Faster Can We Get?
  • 9. Motivation: The Regulation of Temperature, Thirst, and Hunger
  • Homeostasis
    Regulation of Body Temperature
    Thirst: Regulation of the Body's Fluid
    Hunger: Regulation of the Body's Nutrients
    Obesity and Eating Disorders
    New Directions: Mood and Food
  • 10. Sexual Behavior
  • Sexual Development

    Hormones and Sexual Behavior
    Sex Differences in the Brain
    Sexual Orientation
    Parental Behavior
    Sexual Dysfunction and Treatment
    New Directions: Why Have Sex?
  • 11. Sleep and Waking
  • Circadian Rhythms
    Stages of Waking and Sleep
    Sleep Throughout the Life Span
    Dreaming During REM and SWS
    The Functions of Sleep
    Brain Mechanisms of Sleep and Arousal
    Biochemistry of Sleep
    Sleep Disorders
    New Directions: Can We Modify Our Sleep-Waking Cycles?
  • 12. Learning and Memory
  • Learning
    New Directions: Can We Prevent Age-Related Memory Loss?
  • 13. Lateralization, Language, and Intelligence
  • Lateralization of Function
    Communication Disorders and Brain Mechanisms for Language
    New Directions: The Relationship Between Music and Language
  • 14. Emotion, Stress, and Health
  • Emotion
    Aggression and Violence
    Pleasure and Reward
    New Directions: Coping with Stress
  • 15. Neurological Disorders
  • Major Classes of Neurological Disorders
    Brain Infections
    Migraine Headaches
    Assessment of Neurological Disorders
    Recovery from Damage
    Therapy for Brain Damage
    New Directions: Using Virtual Reality (VR) for Rehabilitation Following Brain Injury
  • 16. Psychological Disorders
  • Schizophrenia
    Mood Disorders
    Anxiety Disorders
    Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
    Antisocial Personality Disorder
    New Directions: The Roles of "Nature" and "Nurture" in Psychopathology


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