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'The' Ticket!

Thanks to our friends at VIP Tours, we were able to come up with a pair of great tickets... yes... incredibly in ROW 2 !!

Don't be unimpressed with the small face value ticket price... believe me... that's NOT what we paid!


A 'set list' is a list with certain instructions concerning what will be played and performed that evening...
here's a copy of what we saw and heard:



For a larger picture, click on the thumbnails below!

By the way, don't be too harsh with me on the quality of the photographs, no cameras only cell phone cameras. So, we had to make do with our cell phone, although it didn't do too bad.


Here I am sitting in my ROW 2 seat! I can hardly wait for the concert to begin!
Well, if you look behind Roger , you can see all the seating behind row 2 ! This was a great experience and a wonderful 33rd wedding anniversary present!
It's hard to see because of all the bright lights, but this is Keith Richards taking a walk away from the stage and onto a catwalk that jets out about 50 meters.

Here's 'Sir Mick' going along that same cat walk! The place was packed!
The Stone's Bandstand made a journey out into the field part way through the concert and then traveled back after a couple of songs. As they say.... 'objects are closer than they appear!'
This isn't a great photo. In fact, the bright lights obscure a great deal, but it provides an idea of how really close we were!
There is something very special about getting good close seats. If you get a chance and can scrape together the cash, I would highly recommend it. The Stones4ever!

 The day of the Stones Concert we spent the day at Disneyland. Kristin told us not to miss the Indiana Jones ride and we went back to where Roger first proposed, the Blue Bayou for lunch.

I had a great time! I hope you enjoyed it as much sharing it with you!




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