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With Sincere & Special Thanks!

Charlotte Miller, Laura Freberg and Bess Deck

Thank you Charlotte and Bess & Houghton Mifflin for all you did in sharing this dream and working to make Discovering Biological Psychology a reality!



I would also like to thank my many distinguished
colleagues from North America who helped put
 together the first edition of Discovering Biological
. Your help and guidance over the
 past many years has made this all possible.

Thank you,

James E. Arruda
 Mercer University


Giorgio Ascoli
George Mason University


Gayle Brosnan Waters
Slippery Rock University

John P. Bruno
Ohio State University


Allen E. Butt
Indiana State University


David A. Cater
John Brown University


James R. Coleman University of South Carolina


Bob Ferguson
Buena Vista University

Thomas M. Fischer
Wayne State University


John P. Galla
Widener University

Karen Glendenning
Florida State University


C. Hardy
Columbia College

James G. Holland
University of Pittsburgh


Robert A. Jensen
Southern Illinois University

Camille Tessitore King
Stetson University


Norman E. Kinney
Southeast Missouri State University

Paul J. Kulkosky
Colorado State University Pueblo

Gloria Lawrence
Wayne State College

Simon LeVay


Charles F. Levinthal
 Hofstra University

David R. Linden
West Liberty State College


Michael R. Markham
Florida International University

Richard Mascolo
 El Camino College


Robert L. Matchock
Penn State University

Janice E. McPhee
Gulf Coast University

Jody Meerdink
Nebraska Wesleyan University

Maura Mitrushina
California State University, Northridge

Robert Mowrer
Angelo State University

Mark Nawrot
North Dakota State University

David W. Pittman
Wofford College


John C. Ruch, Mills College


Lawrence J. Ryan, Oregon State University

Carl Samuels
Glendale Community College


Anthony C. Santucci Manhattanville College

Virginia F. Saunders
San Francisco State University


Sheralee Tershner
Western new England College

C. Robbins Timmons
Drew University

Linda L. Walsh
University of Northern Iowa


Frank M. Webbe
Florida Institute of Technology

Stephen P. Weinert, Cuyamaca College

Margaret H. White
 California State University Fullerton

Xiaojuan Xu
Grand Valley State University

Robert M. Zacharko
Carleton University


Ronald Baenninger
Temple University

Joseph H. Porter
Virginia Commonwealth University

Cynthia Gibson
Creighton University

Marcello Spinella
Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
Senji Hu
Humboldt University

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