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How to Build a Psychology Library!

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  I have also acquired books by Herbert Spencer, Dugald Sewart and David Hartley. Each book transports you almost magically into the era of the beginnings of the awakening in the discovery of the mind and of our existence.

Where to Start?
You are probably wondering where you might logically begin in starting your own library? Well, you probably have a significant beginning of textbooks in Psychology and if you check out the textbook's references ... that will give you a start. (By the way, I found it very interesting to see WHO William James thought worthy of referencing).

There is -- however -- an easier way.... in fact there are a couple of ways:

First, If you haven't had a chance to teach a "History Of Psychology' class, chances are you will need to freshen up on some of the monumental thinkers who helped shape our discipline. A great way to start is to pick up one of the many texts in this area.


1) Here are a few of the books that have caught my eye:

Thomas Hardy Leahey's History of Psychology (Prentice Hall) is an excellent review of the subject and even includes a clever timeline on the inside covers.

The Story of Psychology by Morton Hunt (Anchor Books) is about 650 pages and offers a categorization of psychologists by approach within their time frames.

A History of Psychology by John G. Benjafield (Allyn and Bacon) is only 330 pages but hits many of the major events in Psychology.

2) BUY used, old or rare books!

Secondly, one of my secrets has been to frequent libraries, colleges and used book web sites for some of the greatest bargains around! As many already know, libraries all over the world are discarding wonderful books and these can be yours if you are willing to search and willing to buy. Here's an idea:

Buy New, Used and Rare Books at Amazon.com or even my Discovering Biological Psychology 

I hope you enjoyed your visit to my little library... and I hope you enjoy your journey into the wonderful world of books on psychology. If you have any questions or just wish to talk... feel free to email me.

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