Our Thanks to Our Wonderful Reviewers!

We thank our colleagues for their diligent and thoughtful readings of of our textbook. Their suggestions pointed the way to make this a better book.


Partial Listing... Many,many more to follow!

Manuscript Reviewers (Second Edition)

Kathleen Bey, University of Delaware
Cindy Sledge, San Jacinto College-South
Philip Gable, University of Alabama
Lauren Brewer, College of Idaho
Sarah D’Elia, George Mason University and Northern Virginia Community College
Bryan D. Fantie, American University
Amy Biegel, Huntington University
Kelly Huffman, University of California, Riverside
Jamison D. Law, Utah Valley University
Alexa Tullet, University of Alabama
Alexis S. Green, Hanover College 
Michelle (MiKi) Kitchen, University of South Carolina
Eliah White, University of Cincinnati, Blue Ash College
Michelle Niculescu, Lebanon Valley College 
Matthew Draper, Utah Valley University
Carrie E. Hall, Miami University
Robin K. Morgan, Indiana University, Southeast
Kyle Evan Conlon, Boise State University
Marylou Robins, San Jacinto College-South
Jeanette Gassaway, Ohio University
Angela M. Legg, Pace University, Pleasantville
Carrie A. Lloyd, Huntington University
Charlotte Nolan-Reyes, Cabrillo College
William O. Boggan, College of Charleston
Lindsey West, Georgia Regents University
Megan Dunbar, California State University San Marcos and Palomar College
Dawn Eaton, San Jacinto College-South
Dario Rodriguez, University of Dayton
Melissa A. Berry, University of Dayton
Kristen T. Begosh, University of Delaware
Lara Tedrow, Tidewater Community College
David J. Rademacher, Carthage College
Patrick Drumm, Ohio University, Lancaster
Manuscript Reviewers (First Edition)
John Allen, University of Arizona
Ted Barker, Northwest Florida State College
Mark Basham, Regis University
Kyle Baumbauer, Texas A&M University
Kathy Becker-Blease, <Oregon State University
Rachel Blaser, University of San Diego
Christina M. Brown, Saint Louis University
Eric Bruns, Campbellsville University
Kathryn Caldwell, Ithaca College
Aimee A. Callender, Auburn University
David Campbell, Humboldt State University
Brian D. Carpenter, Washington University, St. Louis
Lawrence Cohen, University of Delaware
Brian Cowley, Park University
Verne Cox, University of Texas, Arlington
Natalie Dautovich, University of Alabama
Robert DuBois, Waukesha County Technical College
Kimberly Duff, Cerritos College
Darlene Earley, Southern Union State Community College
Kathy Erickson, Pima Community College
Carlos Escoto, Eastern Connecticut State University
Kendall Eskine, Loyola University, New Orleans
Melanie Evans, Eastern Connecticut State University
Debra Lynn Frame, University of Cincinnati
Andrea Friedrich, University of Kentucky
Stephen L. Forssell, George Washington University
Perry Fuchs, University of Texas, Arlington
Philip Gable, University of Alabama
Bridgett Galvin, Framingham State College
Deborah Garfin, Georgia State University
Bryan Gibson, Central Michigan University
Allen Gorman, Angelo State University
Ruth Grahn, Connecticut College
Ruth M. Grant, Sacred Heart University
Anthony Greene, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Christina Grimes, Duke University
Scott Gustafson, University of Mississippi
Erin E. Hardin, Texas Tech University
Robert J. Hines, University of Arkansas, Little Rock
Linda Jackson, Michigan State University
Irene P. Kan, Villanova University
Craig Kinsley, University of Richmond
Megan L. Knowles, Franklin and Marshall College
Jordan Labouff, Baylor University
Carrie Lane, Florida State University
Jennifer Lee, Cabrillo College
Fabio Leite, Ohio State University, Lima
Robin Lightner, University of Cincinnati
Christine Lofgren, University of California, Irvine
Nicolette Lopez, University of Texas, Arlington
David Malcolm, Fordham University
Michael Mangan, University of New Hampshire
Abigail Marsh, Georgetown University
Anna Medina, Gonzaga University
Sean P. Meegan, University of Utah
Antoinette Miller, Clayton State University
Robin K. Morgan, Indiana University, Southeast
Hajime Otani, Central Michigan University
Marion Perlmutter, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Gabriel Radvansky, University of Notre Dame
Cynthia Reidi, Morrisville State College
Ann E. Renken, University of Southern California
Heather J. Rice, Washington University, St. Louis
Michael Roberts, DePauw University
Catherine Sanderson, Amherst College
Patrick Saxe, State University of New York, New Paltz
Luis Schettino, Lafayette College
David Schroeder, University of Arkansas
Dennis Shaffer, Ohio State University, Mansfield
Donald Sharpe, University of Regina
Mikle Don South, Brigham Young University
Brian Thomas, Baldwin-Wallace College
Lisa Thomassen, Indiana University, Bloomington
Anre Venter, University of Notre Dame
Craig Vickio, Bowling Green State University
Mark Walter, Salisbury University
Shannon Welch, University of Idaho
John Wright, Washington State University
Erin Young, Texas A&M

Focus Group Reviewers

Judith Addelston, Valencia College, East
Anthony Ahrens, American University
Roxanna Andersen, Palm Beach State College, Boca Raton
Stacy Anderson, Florida Gulf Coast University
Richard Bernstein, Broward College, South
Kathleen Bey, Palm Beach State College, Lake Worth
Sara Broaders, Northwestern University
John Timothy Cannon, University of Scranton
John Connor, Daytona State College
David Seth Crystal, Georgetown University
Jennifer Engler, York College of Pennsylvania
Gregory Harris, Polk State College
Jeffrey Henriques, University of Wisconsin,
Jennifer Johnson, Bloomsburg University
Todd Joseph, Hillsborough Community College, Dale Mabry
Irene Kan, Villanova University
Kevin Keating, Broward College, North
Cheri Kittrell, State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota
Debra Laino, Philadelphia University
Natalie Lawrence, James Madison University
Daniel McConnell, University of Central Florida
Ronald Morrison, Daytona State College
Kevin O’Neil, Florida Gulf Coast University
Gwendolyn Parsons-Spurrier, Hillsborough Community College, Ybor City
Lois Pasapane, Palm Beach State College, Lake Worth
Ronnie Rothschild, Broward College, Central
Sharleen Sakai, Michigan State University
Alex Sharpe, Santa Fe College
Caroline Shelton-Toney, Polk State College
William Suits, Seminole State College of Florida
Cyril Svoboda, University of Maryland University College
Clarissa Thompson, University of Oklahoma
Terry Trepper, Purdue University, Calumet
Katherine Urquhart, Lake Sumter Community College
Lona Whitmarsh, Fairleigh Dickinson University

We also thank Suzanne Corkin for reading and commenting on sections describing the amnesic patient H.M.
Finally, we could not have done this without the patience and support of our families:

John Cacioppo: Stephanie, Christina, and Anthony

Laura Freberg: Roger, Kristin, Karen, and Karla